Fast or Slow: Sweet Potato Mash

Fast or Slow: Sweet Potato Mash

Short on time? We’ve got a shortcut. Got all day? We’ve got you too.


  • 3-5 large sweet potato / yams – the ones with the orange flesh inside
  • an ungodly amount of ghee or butter
  • salt – bonus if it’s truffle salt, or garlic salt. Or both, you do you.


  • Stab potatoes about 5 times all over with a fork or a knife. Fun!


  1. Preheat oven to 400 and line a sheet with parchment paper. Potatoes tend to leak juice that will ruin your sheet or the bottom of the oven – protect them!
  2. Roast potatoes for 1-2 hours until nice and mushy.


  1. Microwave potatoes for 5 minutes on a plate.
  2. Turn potatoes over and microwave another 5 minutes until mushy. So easy!


  1. Cut open potatoes carefully. They’ll be hot!
  2. Scoop out those innards into a bowl.
  3. Mash potato with a fork until there’s no lumps. Give them some extra whip love for a fluffy texture.
  4. Mix in butter/ghee to taste.
  5. Mix in salt to taste. Careful if your butter is already salted, you won’t need a ton!


  • Serve on a plate and come back for seconds. YUM!
  • Paring recommendations: anything bbq, with a fried egg on top and greens, with roasted veggies, or with herby garlic fish.

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